TDS Full Form – What is the full form of TDS?

The TDS full form is Tax Deducted at Source. The government collects taxes from its citizens in different ways. TDS (TDS full form) is also a way of collecting taxes. Many Types of sections are charged to collect tax in the form of TDS which varies based on the work done by the company, and firms.

TDS full form

The deductor, from whom income tax has been deducted at source, shall be entitled to credit the amount deducted based on Form 26AS or TDS certificate issued by the deductor.

For example, (TDS full form)

If a shirt-making company gets its shirt made by a fabricator, then under section 94C, the company making the shirt has to deposit TDS, which it will collect from the payment of fabrication. If the manufacturing company is a partnership Firm, then 2% TDS will be charged there is a provision to deposit 1% TDS if the proprietorship is a firm. The Firm doing the fabrication gets the TDS claim while filing the income tax return.

TDS Rate Chart for F.Y. 2021-22 (A.Y: 2022-23)

SectionNature of paymentThreshold Limit Rs.Applicable from 01/04/2021 to 31/03/2022
   ResidentNon-resident *
  Rs. TDS Rate (%)TDS Rate (%)
192SalariesNormal slab rateNormal slab rate
192APremature withdrawal from EPF500001010
193Interest on securities – 8% Savings (Taxable) Bonds, 2003 or 7.75% Savings (Taxable) Bonds, 2018 during the financial year1000010
193Interest on securities – Interest on securities for money issued by or on behalf of any local authority/statutory corporation, listed debentures of a company (other than demat form), any other interest on securities500010
194AInterest (Banking co., co-operative society engaged in banking, post office)4000010
194AInterest (Any other person)500010
194BWinning from lotteries100003030
194BBWinning from Horse race100003030
194CContractor-Single Transaction-Individual/HUF -Others300001 2– –
194CContractor – Consolidated Payment During the F.Y – Individual/HUF – Others100000  1 2  – –
194DInsurance commission – Other than Company – Company15000  5 10  – –
194DAMaturity of Life insurance policy1000005
194ENon-resident sportsmen or sports association20
194FRepurchase units by MFs2020
194IRent of – Plant/Machinery /Equipment – Land and Building/Furniture & Fixture2400002 10– –
194IATransfer of certain immovable property other than agriculture land50 lakhs1
194IBRent by Individual/HUF50000 per month5
194ICPayment under Joint Development Agreements to Individual/HUF10
194JProfessional Fees3000010
194JTechnical Fees (w.e.f. 01.04.2020)300002
194JPayment to call centre operator (w.e.f. 01.06.2017)300002
194JDirector’s fees10
194KPayment of any income in respect of (a) units of a mutual fund as per section 10(23D); or (b) the units from the administrator; or (c) units from specified company (w.e.f. 01.04.2020)500010
194LACompensation on transfer of certain immovable property other than agriculture land (TDS exempted if covered under RFCTLARR Act w.e.f. 01.04.2017)25000010
194LBIncome by way of interest from infrastructure debt fund5
194LBAIncome from units of business trust -interest received or receivable from a special purpose vehicle; or – dividend referred to in sub-section (7) of section 115-O  10   10  5   10
194LBADistribution of rental income to unit holders – Other than Company – Company  10 10  30 40
194LBBIncome in respect of units of investment fund – Other than Company – Company  10 10  30 40
194LBCIncome in respect of investment in securitization fund – Individual/HUF – Company – Other Person  25 30 30  30 40 30
194LCIncome by way of interest by an Indian specified company to a non-resident/foreign company on foreign currency approved loan / long-term infrastructure bonds from outside India5
194LCIncome by way of interest by an Indian specified company on rupee denominated bond / any long-term bonds from outside India, which is listed only on a recognized stock exchange located in any International Financial Services Centre4
194LDInterest on certain bonds from Govt. securities5
194MCertain payments by Individual/HUF50 lakh5
194NPayment of certain amount in cash1 Crore22
194NPayment of certain amount in cash (first proviso of section 194N) if- –  Amount is more than Rs.20 lakh but up to Rs. 1 crore –  Amount exceeds Rs. 1 crore     2 5    2 5
194-OApplicable for e-commerce operator for the sale of goods or provision of services facilitated by it through its digital or electronic facility or platform (w.e.f. 01.04.2020)1
194-PDeduction of tax in case of specified senior citizen. [Change will applicable from 1st April, 2021.]Applicable rates in force
194-QPayment of certain sum by the buyer to the seller (resident Indian) for purchase of goods [Change will applicable from 1st July, 2021.]50 lakhs0.1
195Income of Investment made by an NRI20
195Long-term capital gain – Under Section – 115E/112(1)(c)(iii)/112A – Any Other Gains  – –  10 20
195Short-term capital gain – 111A15
195Fees for technical services10
195Interest income payable by Govt./Indian concern (other than section 194LB or 194LC)20
195Any Other Income – Other than Company                  – Company– –30 40
196AIncome in respect – – of units of a Mutual Fund specified under clause (23D) of section 10; or – from the specified company referred to in the Explanation to clause (35) of section 1020
196BIncome from units to an offshore fund10
196CIncome from foreign currency bonds or GDR of an Indian company10
196DIncome of foreign Institutional Investors from securities (not being dividend or capital gain)20

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